Successful debt recovery is crafted by being the moment when preparation and opportunity meet.

The Power of Communication

Successful debt recovery is crafted by being the moment when preparation and opportunity meet. When we have contacted your debtor, we are particularly conscious that the first point of contact is both an art and a science and this is the point where many debt recovery organisations make the most mistakes. It is the point where The C&H Group excels.

For many people calling a customer to ask them for money isn’t the highlight of their day. In fact, in most over worked and under staffed credit departments collection calls are placed dead last or fall off the “to-do list” altogether.

Why? Reasons vary. But basically, the truth is that making collection calls takes most people out of their comfort zone. They don’t feel confident with the process so they fear embarrassment or failure. To galvanise a client to make payment, every word said to them is critical. You need to be an expert on the telephone, someone with years of experience in being able to read a person’s intentions from the slightest indication, so that the most appropriate approach is made in order to secure a fast and ethical payment method.

Armed With the Facts

Before we pick up the phone we ensure we have all the specifics of the debt we are calling about – it keeps us in control, as we don’t want the conversation to get derailed by a question we can’t answer. In our experience many debtors know how to use this to their advantage. When we speak with the debtor we will have an encyclopedic knowledge of:

  • The exact amount owed
  • The specific terms of sale
  • The products/services purchased
  • The payment due date

All the information you have given us regarding previous attempts to secure payment, disputes etc.
It’s a brave statement, but we firmly believe that you will not find any other debt recovery firm as experienced and capable as The C&H Group when contact is made with the debtor.

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