Debt Collection & Recovery in Birmingham

When it comes to debt recovery in Birmingham, look no further than The C&H Group. We have a wealth of experience and have gathered a greater understanding for the reasons why your customers make excuses for not paying you back!

In order to get a better insight to your case, we’ll ask you a series of questions including: when did you place the order? What was the order for? Who made the initial purchase?

Our debt recovery Birmingham services are efficient, we’ll provide you with your own personal recovery manager that is dedicated to your account. They will know the ins and outs of your account, providing you with a resourceful single point of contact – making your overall service much more convenient.

For debt collection Birmingham, you can count on The C&H Group to provide you with the most reliable service. We will arrange to collect debts over the phone, which is quick and fair or in person, face to face. This approach sees us taking a more hands-on approach and putting a face to the name. We never take the “hit and run” approach to debt recovery, providing the benefit of the doubt, but ensuring we never settle until the debt is retrieved!

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