No two debtors are the same. We carefully analyse each and every account to ensure success.

How we do it

Our initial consultation is used to ascertain the facts about what you are owed. It isn’t just the consultation that is free we work on a no win no fee basis so if we don’t recover your debt you will not be charged a penny! The C&H Group are so confident in our ability that we do not send you a bill, we send you a payment!

  • When the order was placed
  • What it was for
  • Who placed the order
  • Details of any disputes relating to the monies owing
  • All correspondence sent and received relating to the debt
  • All evidence to substantiate balance owed

Our highly experienced commercial debt collection professionals have experienced most situations when it comes to the many reasons a business may be giving to avoid paying the money they owe. Nothing will surprise or deter us from approaching debtors and retrieving the money owed.

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