If we don't recover your debt, you pay nothing - zero risk for maximum return, from the professional debt recovery team you can trust.

The C&H Group are very much of the opinion that if you take the correct steps early on, you can minimise the need for a debt recovery system at the back end. As part of our commitment to our clients, we offer a fast real time credit checking facility allowing you to routinely credit check new and existing customers to give you the peace of mind you need before entering into an agreement with them. Knowing your customers have the financial means to honour payments allows you to manage your cash flow and concentrate on running your business.

Our real time international reporting system will allow you to access our online credit checking facility so that wherever you are in the world, we are there with you to provide the answers you need to confidently take on a new client.

Whether you are negotiating with a business or a consumer you can contact us for an in-depth report on their credit history – CCJ’s, financial turnover and assets. We can send this information to you by post, email, SMS directly to your phone or you can access it globally online 24 hours a day.

Need a credit check?