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Insolvency Management

Our ability to carry out forensic accounting processes means that we have an impeccable record of retrieving debts which would, in many cases, simply be written off. By working closely with some of the country’s best insolvency practitioners, we have supported many cases to ensure people receive what they are due. Cases include being able to investigate whether a company director has traded wrongfully or fraudulently which, when proven by ourselves and our partners, means we are enabled to take the necessary steps via the liquidator to allow personal assets to be retrieved.

We have a long history of representation for our clients at creditors’ meetings in order to press points that may be unanswered if you are working in conjunction with a less reputable debt recovery service. Our state of the art reporting system ensures you will receive real time updates of all proceedings.

Compliance and best practise form the crux of our integrity and The C&H Group always ensure that we adhere to the relevant current legislation. The C&H Group are able to recover your debt without “bending the rules” and this is what ensures that our clients reputation is never adversely affected by working alongside us.

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