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Small Business Solutions

In addition to being fully equipped to deal with blue chip companies and corporate debts, The C&H Group also excel in managing debt recovery for small businesses. Many small businesses such as sole traders will not have an accounts department to help them to secure payments. If you are a sole trader then your skill is in what you provide, whether you are an accountant, a builder, plumber or photographer – you should be allowed to concentrate on what you do best. Retrieving a payment from a difficult customer can often take up a significant amount of time and resources for a one man band, and if debt recovery is not part of your skill set then it can also be fruitless.

An independent trader can spend months carrying out a job which means that a significant part of their trading year is tied up in that one customer. If they are reluctant to pay then it can often result in a small business ceasing to be economically viable. You will have invested in parts, time and possibly sub-contracted other workers, meaning that you have spent a great deal of time and money on your project, so not being paid should not be an option.

The C&H Group will appoint an account manager to your situation to ascertain the facts, establish that payment is being withheld unreasonably and undertake the necessary measures to ensure you receive that which is due to you.

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