At The C&H Group, many of the debts that we have successfully collected are from people who appear to have vanished without trace. Many of our clients believe they have tried everything to locate a missing debtor, or have used other debt recovery companies who have also drawn a blank.

This is when people come to us

Debtors have a number of reasons for not making or responding to contact over a debt – they could be embarrassed, worried or not even aware that they still owe the money. Whatever the reason, if you want to recoup your debt then the most important step is to be in contact with the person or business that owes the money. This may sound obvious, but many debt recovery organisations believe that sending letters or emails is sufficient! At The C&H Group, we recover your debt in careful steps.

  • Finding the debtor
  • Speaking to them
  • Establishing the reason for non payment
  • Negotiating the payment
  • Securing the monies owed

Finding the debtor

We go the extra mile above and beyond the usual “obvious” steps used by most debt recovery firms. We have successfully contacted some of the most evasive debtors imaginable by thinking outside of the box. As part of our commitment to success we have conducted surveys with debtors to find demographics on how they have previously managed to avoid making payments to other debt recovery agents. The outcomes were often eye opening and due to this extensive research, we are able to adopt the mindset of the person avoiding payment and in most cases, locate them and secure your payment. Additionally, we use bespoke software for each debt to ensure that all possible avenues are explored to locate a debt. Put simply, we don’t give up where many others would!

All this work is undertaken totally free of charge for our clients as part of our commitment to success.

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